Purple Carrot Christmas Donation

Thank you to all the customers at the purple carrot whose tips and donations this year helped to fund these small contributions to improving the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves.

Chris and all @thepurplecarrot.org

Water Aid Shop For Life

card image

Enjoy your WaterAid gift(s) of:

Two taps for a village water point; Family toilet; A handpump

Two taps for a village water point

Make a splash!product image

£12 can buy two taps for a village water point.
All Watery gifts will go to our water projects and related support costs.
Turn heads with this great gift. A tap gives communities access to the precious gift of safe, clean water. Raise a glass to health and long life.

“The water used to smell bad. We used to use it to drink, bathe, wash. Now water quality is good. It has improved health and more children are clean. Before there used to be a lot of diarrhoea, but now it is reduced.”

Nirmala Chaudhary, Malahnma, Nepal.

Family toilet 

product imageNot your bog standard gift!

£30 can buy a family toilet.

All Toiletry gifts will go to our sanitation projects and related support costs.It’s worth spending more than a penny! People without toilets risk deadly illness. A toilet can delight a fun-loving friend while giving people the sanitation they urgently need.  Something for your flatmate?

“Before we had the latrine we defecated in the bush. Occasionally we got diarrhoea or cholera. Everybody prayed they wouldn’t need the toilet in the daytime because we didn’t have any public latrines and you had to go to the bush but at this time of year there were no plants to hide behind. Now I can go whenever I want. I clean the latrine every morning – I sweep inside it and wash the pots of water in there.”

Rakiya Abdullah, Tamale, Ghana.

A handpump

Pump it up!   product image

£50 can buy a handpump.
All Watery gifts will go to our water projects and related support costs.
For families in developing countries, drawing water up through the gift of a brand-new handpump keeps out creepy crawlies, while the water stays clean and safe. Our star gift.

“Now I have the handpump, I have more time to weave because it doesn’t take me so long to collect water.”

Kironbala Tonchanjgya, from Debarchari, Bangladesh.


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