We at the Purple Carrot like to organise the odd thing or two and football is no different with a couple of regular tournaments per year

Fat Boys  Invitational Tournament – Summer time &

Elders FFOB Challenge Cup – October


The Fatboys Invitational has been run on a yearly basis since 2010, sometime in May or June.  Held at the Downlands School 3G pitches in Hassocks this 7-a-side friendly day out has grown from 4 teams to what we currently call capacity of 12 in 2018. Age of competitors range from 14 – 68 and teams come from Hassocks and the surrounding area, Brighton, London and even St Albans!

2019 is likely to be played on FA cup final day in May


2018 – Friday Fire

2017 – Fat Boy (former) Whippets

2016 – Friday Fire

2015 – Norfolk N Chance

2014 – Fat Boy Whippets

2013 – Fat Boy Whippets

2012 – Fat Boy Whippets

2011 – Fat Boy Whippets

 2010 – Real SocialDAD


The Elders Challenge is a more recent initiative based on people getting old, so we have a strict over 40’s policy with at least two players punching above 50. It’s still competitive, but less fussy


2018 – Basket of Deplorables

2017 – The Carrotiers



previous tournaments –

Winter Development Programme

To aid and abet some of our youngsters growing up and getting used to playing with older, more “street-wise” opposition we mixed it up with teams containing youth (18 and under) and aged (40 plus). A recent development in our football tournament pantheon some people are just so crazy for the action they must get a game in between Christmas and New Year, and who are we to do anything but help facilitate this need

2017 – Winners – Friday Fire – convincing, all conquering, defence unbroken

2016 Winners  – Friday Fire
(just! by scoring more goals on the same goal difference)

2105 Winners  – Cuckfield Heathens

2017 winter round robin schedule





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