Paulies Popular pop quiz – Nov 12

November 2012

Round 1:

This day in history…The Four Seasons released ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ in 1962. The following questions relate to the four seasons.
1 Name the Prima Donna who told us she felt love
2 What is the name of Mark E Smith’s band
3 What time was it for Hitler in the musical, ‘The Producers’’?
4 The George Gershwin aria from Porgy and Bess, which has been recorded by the likes of Billie Holliday, Fun Boy Three, Sam Cooke, Janis Joplin
5 What type of Tale was recounted by David Essex
6 Originally a French song called ‘Les feuilles mortes’, it has been recorded in English by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Doris Day
7 It’s hazy whether the best version of this song was done by the Bangles or Simon and Garfunkel
8 The kind of loving that exists between a boy called Danny and a girl called Sandy


Round 2

Music – that we can’t upload at the moment


Round 3



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