Top Trivia – April 2013

1  Who is the only character to appear in the first ever coronation street and has had a continuous presence  through to the present day?

2  Flag – three equal horizontal bands of blue (top), red, and green; a crescent and eight-pointed star in white are centred in the red band; the blue band recalls turkic heritage, red stands for modernization and progress, and green refers to islam; the crescent moon is an islamic symbol, while the eight-pointed star represents the eight turkic peoples of the world

3  Identical twin brothers john and edward grimes form which irish pop act?

4  name at least two of the three adverts in these pictures


5  What fried street food popular with vegetarians is claimed by the copts of egypt as their invention to be a replacement for meat during lent?

6  Which company’s mission statement is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” – google

7  From whom has an on-line petition of over 400,000 signatures been gathered, asking him to prove he can live on £53 a week for a year?

8  “at night they fly, you better run, these winged things are not much fun.” “in the jungle you must wait, until the dice read five or eight.” “a tiny bite can make you itch, make you sneeze, make you twitch.” “this will not be an easy mission, monkeys slow the expedition.” Clues from what 1995 movie game?

9  Name the song – “sometimes i feel like i don’t have a partner, sometimes i feel like my only friend.”

10  How are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine collectively known?

Round 2

1  Find Two films from the following anagrams
Risk hat for oldest era –
Her roommate has bitten guys –

2  What world leader active in the later part of the 20th century refused to have his distinct port-wine stain birthmark removed as he believed it would be perceived as his being more concerned with his appearance than important issues?

3  Bella swan, edward cullen and jacob black are characters in which series of books?

4  What type/item of clothing does carrot fit refer to?

5  The name of what renowned institution comes from what a group of French knights, known for their lavish feasts, hung their awarded crosses from?

6  What are maggiore, como, lugano and garda? 

7  Pictures – swapping faces – who are they all?


8  What is the connection between -epping, morden, upminster and amersham? 

9  According to shakespeare whose horse was called white surrey?

10 Which has the smallest and which the largest population? – estonia, ethiopia, ecuador, england, el salvador

round 3

1 How old was michael jackson when he died?

2  In a 2010 issue of new scientist magazine, what habit of a famous movie character was explained as follows: – when the books featuring the character were written, most vodka was produced from potatoes and potato vodka had an oily aftertaste. But if it is mixed with ice in a particular way, it tastes less oily.

3  How many complete decades was queen victoria on the throne of england?

4  Who did andy murray beat in the Miami final this week – april 2013- to rise to number 2 in the world?

5  Collectively who are malcolm young, angus young, larry van kriedt, dave evans and colin burgess.

6  Name the 4 main tweenie characters.

7  True or false? Fun loving teens in the usa are throwing gasoline-soaked rags into cars stopped at red traffic lights in a deadly game called spunkball?

8  Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson, Alexandra Burke, Joe Mcelderry, Matt Cardle, James Arthur
What two names are missing from this list?

9  What event that occurred on the evening of 20 april 1889 at the gasthof zum pommer pub in braunau-am-inn, austria proved to be significant for world history?

10  There are ten events in a decathlon – long jump; shot putt; 1500m; javelin; 400m; 110m hurdles; high jump- name the other three. –


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